Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interiors: Blue on Blue

I am not alone in craving dark walls lately.  But something about the light blue details in this dark blue room has me tripping over a smile I didn't realize was there.  Okay, the salmon pink is pretty happy too.

Been recreating it in my head:

One of my favorite parts of this room is the chandelier.  Naturally it's "vintage" meaning "good luck finding anything like it."  I tried anyway.

Foremost is the Ochre "Light Drizzle Chandelier"  Available only to the trade, and probably thousands of dollars.

There's also a small knockoff on ebay - looks like a knockoff though.

I'm wondering how hard it would be to DIY something like this with teardrop chandelier crystals?

The rug in the photo is "Bright Flame" from Dash and Albert, and is no longer in production (of course).  But these two are comparable:

Or you could easily go with a more traditional rug like a Kilim with a similar color scheme.  It would un-retro the feel of the room considerably, but could still work.  

I love the white credenza in an otherwise color-filled room.  And it wouldn't be hard come up with one if you were willing to replace the hardware yourself.  With a little imagination all sorts of statement pieces could happen.  

Faux bamboo chairs are becoming ubiquitous, and are pretty easy to paint, I'm a fan of these variations:

Cover the seats in something fabulous and you're set. 

Myy favorite think in the room may be the little decanter and glasses.  Something about them makes me feel spot-on.  And luckily such a thing is not hard to find.

The Artwork I love, but the Anthurium and vase, while perfect in color for this room, are also a little personality-less.  Why not a container more like this: 

With some hanging amaranthus:

Love Lies Bleeding

And the pale blue tapers in the lotus candlesticks top it off perfectly!

AND... time to stop.  Neglected children alert!

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