Friday, January 14, 2011

fashion: role models

Most areas in my life benefit from choosing succinct role models.  I have my "mothering" role models, my "homemaking" role models, my "wife" role models, my "brilliant use of language and learning" role models, blogging role models, and more.

But choosing succinct "personal style" role models?  That just feels like such a big commitment.  My "style", aside from not technically existing, would probably have multiple personalities if it did exist.

But here are a few I'd consider if you asked me today:

Caitlin Wilson manages to make globe-trotting with a baby in-tow look effortless and chic.  I can't even make taking a nap look effortless and chic.

And Tollipop's Caroline manages to wear what she loves and make it look good just because she loves it. I'd love to look that happily uninhibited. (Am I allowed to turn to the under 12 set for fashion inspiration?)  

My friend Vanessa is always inspiring.  The girl just glows, and seems incapable of making a fashion misstep.

I try to stay away from celebrity-worship.  I by and large don't care what really rich or famous people buy or wear or do.  I'm perfectly content to not have the troubles that so much fame or money tend to bring with them.  But, every time I've bumped into a photo of Olivia Palermo, I've had to concede that she's gorgeous.  I have the consolation of knowing that most of the world thinks she's a shark.

And since I was 10, I've always felt safest when I tried to emulate the irreplaceable Audrey.   Too bad there are no similarities in our body types. I am short and curvy where she was long and lean.  Her only real curves were her hips against her amazingly small ribcage, and I have nearly no hips but plenty of curves everywhere else!  Now more than ever I appreciate how she made motherhood look good, and how she shamelessly prioritized it.  

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