Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Geberas and me, we don't really get along.  But every single one of my sisters-in-law love them.  (I have 6, and one unmarried brother, so maybe 7 someday.)  When my husband's sister asked me to make an arrangement for her company's booth at a women's expo she said she wanted it cheerful and she loves geberas.  It doesn't get much more cheerful than this, these ladies are about to break out in song with "All in the Golden Afternoon."  (Then perhaps spitefully dump dew on me - I told you it's a tenuous relationship)

Karsen's Flowers

Karsen's Flowers

Karsen's Flowers

I got to practice using molucella (bells of ireland) as a basing material here - it's an awesome fun unexpected texture down there.

Karsen's Flowers

Saturday, April 14, 2012

spray paint

I failed to get any real photos - but I had fun playing with floral spray paint putting together some mini-arrangements for my 30th birthday party.  I sprayed some seeded eucalyptus gold and some leukodendron black and felt fairly fancy by the time I was done.



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