Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Party in my head.

I love throwing couples Valentines Parties, though they aren't always well received. I suppose you'd have to have just the right invitees.

But a perfect party in my mind would include:

A festive typewriter and love-note writing station. Everyone writes a love-note to their spouse/significant other, then we all try to match the note to the writer. There is of course a prize for the best guesser.

(image of pink royal typewriter - and I want one)

Possibly a famous couples costume contest...... or at least some trivia.

There clearly must be an extravagant dessert table:

(Like everybody's favorite Amy Atlas)

Games would have to include The newlywed game (played with pink dry-erase boards)And possibly the Lifesaver Game - if it's that kind of crowd. (The pass-an-orange-under-your-chin-game would also work) (Image via flickr)

To improve communication and teamwork, we might have a crafty valentine competition. The couple with the best piece of art gets the best prize, but we collectively come up with an award for each entry. ("Best use of glue as a decorative element" - we can get creative) Image via Christmas Traditions

We might round the evening out with an old-fashioned dance-off. (You remember the one in It's a Wonderful Life?)
Or if this is real-life and we're having a hard time finding people to invite who know how to dance, we could always resort to a DDR tournament.

So, if I were to throw this party, would you come?


  1. I don't know if ODD would be up for it but I'd be there in a heartbeat.

  2. Oh my goodness YES!! My husband and I are SO this kind of couple. We'd be in it to win it on the games - and probably WOULD win the Newlywed game (we'd prep each other for weeks!!).

    luvs, aby

    PS - anybody who wouldn't want to show off their lovey-dovey-ness is a dud.

  3. Yes! Clay and I would TOTALLY be up for that! If only, right?



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