Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jack Jump

My 3 year-old is a huge fan of candles at dinner. I like it too, so I try to oblige. I'd really like to have a fabulous pair of candlesticks perpetually at the ready. The problem is I can't decide what kind.

The flawless High Street Market


  1. I say start with wood or glass..then when you get tired of that get the "nickle" or "oil rubber bronze" spray paint from walmart and make paint them...THEN when you get tired of that get a fun color spray paint and paint them again :-)

  2. Oh these are so pretty! I haven't thought of doing candlelight for dinner. (DUH!) My kids will totally enjoy that!

  3. What a wonderful collection of candlestick holders. So many styles and finishes, it's definitely hard to choose. Any one of these would make dinnertime extra special. Thanks for including my glass candlestick holders in the mix :)



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