Wednesday, February 2, 2011

etsy roundup: a valentine to wear

Etsy does not fail me when I inquire after a necklace for the Valentine season.  Each of these brought at least one friend or family member (or myself!) to mind.

Heartache and Sorrow journal necklace - for those who'd rather there wasn't a Valentines day

Hershey's Valentines stamp locket for my Cousin in Hershey

infinity - for mushy newlywed types

circle pendant - for those who think hearts are too cutsie (and for me!)

an old fashioned locket - for those who are both sentimental AND on a budget

An even cooler locket - for those not so much on a budget.

a very petite heart - for those who like subtlety (and for me!)

a love knot - for when it's "complicated"

for the vampire fans - it's ok, we can still be friends

for the romantics (and me!)

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