Friday, September 24, 2010

Dining Room drama

My husband is out of town picking up a family heirloom dining set for us to restore.  While I wish he was home (I'm going into labor any minute now), I'm really excited about our new furniture, and I've got dining rooms on the brain.

This is not necessarily a good thing.

But instead of actually buying anything I shouldn't - I'll just share where my brain is taking me.

The dining table is large enough to seat 8-10 with leaves in, but only has 4 chairs. The seats are currently covered in century-old black leather that's beginning to show it's age.  I'd like to stick with something easy to clean, maybe a faux ostrich leather?  Maybe in Navy?

  I found this loveseat on KSL classifieds for $75.  I can't tell if it's real leather or not, but I think it'd make a great banquette along one side of the table, and be an easy-to clean surface.  All it appears to need is a few upholstery nailheads where they've gone missing.

Add a long colorful (more coordinated than the one shown below) bolster pillow and it's just about perfect.

I have become completely smitten with this rug on ebay.  $375 is steep for me right now, but for a persian rug this size in this condition, it's a steal.  And the colors are insanely gorgeous.

 Add a Buffet/Server with a limed finish, with white and silver serving ware, plus a spattering of colorful pieces, possibly a collection of mosser cake stands: 

Either side of the buffet will have perfect little lamps trimmed in blue grosgrain instead of the olive green,  and green slag candlesticks with pink tapers: 

Wall Color - a pale blue-gray like Farrow and Ball's Borrowed Light

Art - I've got this floral painting rolled up under my bed, waiting to be stretched and framed:

Plus an image or two (or some ephemera if I can find any) reminiscent of turn-of-the-century dining halls... 

Curtains in a bold navy horizontal stripe, with red or yellow trim on the leading edge.  
(image via Jenny Komenda)

(via etsy)

And someday I need a dining room just so I can start collecting and displaying Aynsley China....

in a hutch like this:

(Jenny Komenda.... again)

And if this dining room is set for guests, I'll need a Saipua-esque centerpiece


in the midst of a toned-down Eddie Ross-esque table setting

Just brainstorming...... and swooning over the rug........

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