Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thinking Halloween thoughts.... already

I'm really turned off by 80% of all things Halloween.
 However, I do think it'd be cool to decorate a la Miss Havisham and go victorian with the whole thing.

In fact, what I'd really love to do is set a Halloween dinner table with tarnished silver, black amethyst glass, black lace and dark carnival glass......... (maybe a few fake cobwebs?)

(I should mention that my husband neither understands nor supports my pressed glass obsession)

As hostess, I'd have to find something stiff, lacey, and very dark to wear:

Places set with some tarnished silver platters:

and goblets:

Lots of tarnished silver and black candlesticks:

filled with black candles:

And dark vases filled with wilted or dried white roses.

A few pressed glass hands, just for creepiness (draped with pearls?):

Also for creepiness, either taxidermy, silhouettes, or raven prints:

And lots of ornate serving dishes:

All done by candlelight. 
(You'd probably need a few more touches of white on the table in candlelight, for contrast)

Serve either an uber-formal english dinner, or just something seasonal and yum.
Spend the evening listening to some phillip glass, or something equally disconcerting.

End the evening with some ravenous chocolate or red velvet cake atop this beauty:

(No really, someday I shall own a black amethyst hobnail cake stand..... despite the fact they are so rare I can't even locate a decent photo of one)

 It's a Halloween party I could really get excited about.  And that's saying something.

(And I shall probably not think about Halloween again until I am frantically digging costumes out of our storage unit on the 30th.)

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  1. Someday, when you throw this party, can I help and/or be invited?? Cuz it sounds awesome! I'd love a black amethyst hobnail cake stand someday, too. Beautiful!



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