Friday, March 12, 2010

favorite sellers

I love etsy's "save favorite seller" feature, because once you start saving sellers as favorites, etsy creates an rss feed of all items listed by your favorite sellers, and you can save it on the feed-reader of your choice. Here's what popped up in my bloglines lately (I appear to be on a neutrals kick):

crochet collar at EmmaDear

milkglass tree plates at JWhite2

Milkglass compotes (I have that bottom one and love it!) at JWhite2

Pride and Prejudice ornaments by Brookish

Milkglass bowl by JWhite2

Stunning candlesticks by JWhite2

Vintage Typewriter - JWhite2

Pride and Prejudice mug by Bookish

Floral Trim by EmmaDear

So, I guess the moral of the story is that if you are me, sellers like JWhite2 could easily take all my money, if I had any. Hopefully I can use that inspiration on the rare occasions when I get to go thrifting instead.

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  1. i know you're busy so DO NOT take this as a guilt trip!! but...I wanted to tell you that I keep checking Posies and Peanuts hoping for some fun posts and then I remember you're in teh throws of baby-making, moving, and graduating :-) I love yoU! I can't wait till you're here!



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